Basic Internet and Computer Terms Everyone Should Know

Basic Internet and Computer Terms Everyone Should Know

Nov 27, 2018 Blog by admin

As a sort of follow up to my last blog post about common IT problems and solutions, I thought it might be helpful to have a quick rundown of some basic Internet and computer terms and knowledge.

As an IT company, we often get calls about IT issues that are difficult for both us and the client. And it’s not because it’s a complicated issue – it’s because the client does not know how to properly describe their problem.

We understand that computer and Internet technology isn’t a field everyone is adept in, but if you’re using the technology and your business is reliant on technology, it wouldn’t be amiss to get a few basics down pat. Think about it this way – if someone who knows nothing about fashion walks into a clothing store, they may not be able to walk out with the most stylish outfit, but they at least can name the garments they want, basic color preference, perhaps know a little bit about how shape will suit them.

So if you’re working on a computer every day and need accessibility to it to complete your work, it’s fair to say that you should familiarize yourself with the following Internet and computer terms:


Computer: the computer is responsible for carrying out all programs, operations, storing data, and processing data. If you’re using a desktop, it’s often a rectangular-shaped machine that the monitor is plugged into.

Monitor: the monitor is the display screen that visually shows all the information that’s coming from your computer.

Hardware: hardware is all the physical parts of computer technology like computer case and everything in it, the monitor, keyboard, speakers, and anything else you can physically touch.

Software: software refers to all the programs and operating information and systems that is used by the computer to do things.

Desktop: simply, a personal computer that fits on or under a desk. It’s not meant to be portable.

Laptop: as the name insinuates, a personal computer that is meant to fit on a lap. It is meant to be portable.

Server: a server is a computer usually used solely for data storage and/or managing connections. It often does not have a keyboard or monitor attached to it and is often used as a central hub for routing information.  

IP Address: this number is how your computer is identified on the Internet. Literally, your address on the Internet. In order to find your IP address, open your start menu, search “cmd” and hit enter. A window titled “Command Prompt” should pop up. You can identify what your IP address is by looking for four sets of numbers separated by three dots OR eight sets of numbers separated by colons.


There’s plenty more basic terminology, but there are just a few to get you started. If you already know everything, then great! If not, take a minute to make sure you understand these terms. Knowing these Internet and computer terms will help you and your IT team be able to fix problems quickly and efficiently.

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