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Creative Social Media

Sep 13, 2018 Blog, Branding by admin
In today’s ever advancing society, social media has taken the world by storm, completely upturning how both individuals and businesses interact with each other and how they present themselves. Although the technology for social media has been in the works since the 1970’s with the creation of early forms of message-forum applications and instant messaging, it wasn’t until decades later that social media really began taking off. The launching of platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and
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The Importance of Branding

Aug 13, 2018 Blog, Branding by admin
I’ve been thinking about branding recently, and it struck me how it’s something that is so important, yet often overlooked. On a societal level, we’re obsessed with brands. The right clothing, the right car, even the right brand of cereal to buy, are all things that we, as consumers, are intrinsically aware of. It seems obvious that dressing in Louis Vuitton versus Old Navy sends very different messages, but why? What is it about a
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