Business Intelligence & Reporting

While the digitization of businesses has gotten rid of physical clutter, digital clutter is still thriving, and with it comes the need to develop ways to organize your data. So if you feel like your data is bogging you down instead of moving you forward, Imperial is here to provide business intelligence solutions Brooklyn and IT support for your business.

Take the first steps towards implementing proper business intelligence solutions Brooklyn today.

business intelligence

Is your data staggered over multiple programs without any way to combine it?

Are your reports taking too long to build or run?

Are you at a loss for how to create reports?

Are you confused about what reports you need?

Is there no way for you to customize reports from your accounting package?

Is there no report interface for clients?

We can help. Our services include:

  • Report Analysis
  • Report Automation
  • Data Extraction from Multiple Systems
  • Data Sanitizing
  • Design/Development Reports
  • Business Intelligence Systems
  • ETL/Feeds

Imperial Technology Partners specializes in creating business intelligence solutions Brooklyn that will make sure you're getting everything you need from the data you have in just 4 basic steps.

  1. Identify data
  2. Create architecture using that data
  3. Develop tools that will improve business analytics
  4. Deliver key data in a clear and under stable way